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Zero paper Solutions enables companies and organizations of all sizes to make significant gains in efficiency and productivity by improving the way they organize and manage their business information and processes. We helps you improve your company efficiency and reduce cost with continuous innovation and solutions.

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Industrial Attachment Program

In every engineering discipline 7th or 8th semester is meant for project semester training, where a student is supposed to apply his/her bookish knowledge practically. Project semester involve various activities to be performed by students, faculty and the industrial mentor. Maintaining the records manually and tracking for any specific detail is cumbersome when student count is more than 100. Normally, all the actors involved here are having many credentials to save and to deal with. Our solution provides automation for all the actors involved and full fill almost all the requirements demanded for the students, faculty and the industrial mentor. Our automation provide end to end support in student registration, assigning faculty to student for industrial visits, registration as well as tagging of industrial mentor, online evaluations by faculty as well as mentor, marks entry by independent panels, grading using normalization. Our solution is very cheap as compare to other vendors available in the market.


Issue Tracking System

ITS is divided into three major panels' viz. faculty, student and lab-technician. Faculty module will help teaching staff to register their concerns or issues related to the lab/s like requirement of new software and/or hardware, installation of particular tools or software, any issue related with infrastructure, etc. Here, after the concern or issue has been logged by the faculty, ITS module will automatically assign the issue to the specific (or concerned) lab technician/staff. The faculty may see the current status of the initiated job (or query) from the filter present in the faculty panel. Similarly, the panel for lab technicians will help the technical staff to maintain the list of the assigned jobs, jobs in-process etc. Using student panel, the registered student can log his/her request/concern directly to the specific faculty member who is serving as a coordinator for particular sub-domain. Main features related to this automation are its web based interface, easy tracking, and module based coding.


Billing System

Billing or invoice generation is considered as a mandate as well as routine activity that is needed to be followed by retail and wholesale outlets. We at ZPS have introduced automation for the retail outlets dealing in medicines (or medical sector). Our architecture is suitable for providing standalone and web based solutions to the medicine retailer. Our fast algorithms are specifically designed to give accurate reports generation feature that makes an overhead of daily, fortnightly, monthly or yearly report generation quite easy and manageable. It also allows you to improve your interaction with your partners, whether that partner is a business or a consumer. Comparatively we are giving cheap solutions for retail outlets in medicine. Our team gather requirements from the customer and try to synchronize or customize the interface for particular user's specifications.

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